Compassion For All Animals

Compassion For All Animals provides non-profit and non-governmental organizations; animal welfare and rescue organizations with donated funds and supplies and medical services assisting them to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home animals. C4AA selects our partners after conducting due diligence and a thorough investigation. They must agree with C4AA requirements for transparency and accountability. They are selected based on their goals and activities; on their challenges and opportunities; on their needs; and on their willingness to adhere to C4AA principles of accountability, financial transparency, and open communication. Our partners operate solely on volunteers and private donors. They receive no financial support from city or government. They depend on the donations from compassionate animal lovers around the world to underwrite the costs of care for animals in their care.

Fund is of vital importance to animal rescue groups and shelters as it enables them to provide the animals with care; makes it possible for them to focus their energy and limited resources on other important needs — like saving more animals. Since animal rescue organizations in Iran have extremely limited resources for funds, internal funds don’t meet the needs; to make sure animals have a voice, animal welfare organizations have to look beyond their borders for funding. C4AA provide them with funds through fundraising program. Donation will be used to provide specific types of care, e.g. rescue sick and injured animals, facilitating them in a shelter/sanctuary, urgent medical care, food, veterinary services, spay/neuter, education, adoption.

We have been partnered with a few organizations that have proven their dedication, exemplified by the many years spent and significant efforts in the service of animal rescue and protection. Our partners are nonprofit, charitable organization which are dedicated and committed to their life-saving missions  to rescue injured and ill street animals and provide full veterinary care, spaying and neutering programs to prevent overpopulation and to provide sanctuary to those who need life-long care. They operates solely on volunteers and private donors.  They receives no financial assistance from any organizations or government entities. As a result, they are able to provide needed services for thousands of animals in their sanctuary through the donations from public and compassionate animal lovers around the world. Currently, we have a few partners listed as below. As funds allow, we will add more partners in the future.

The board of directors will conduct due diligence and maintain control of any funds contributed to any organizations regardless of their exempt status and will comply with all applicable laws and guidelines to further our exempt status. we choose our partners on the condition that C4AA retains control over the use of the funds and maintaining records showing that the funds are used for exclusively charitable/educational purposes in accordance to our mission.

We will stipulate how the funds shall be used and will require the recipient to provide us with detailed records and financial proof of how the funds were utilized to verify that grant funds are being used appropriately.





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