Compassion For All Animals

Educational Program

Accompanied by the ongoing development of society, tackling the problem Animal cruelty is always cared. Every year, Animals are perishing due to starvation, injury and sickness, this happens especially in countries with no animal protection regulation.

Hence, nonprofit organizations, and animal activists are implementing educational activities for the public in prevention of animal cruelty to save and improve the life of all animals.

Education is best form of awareness to help Animals. We educate the public on subjects useful to individual and beneficial to the public, focusing on advocating and defending animal rights and promoting animal welfare to create a compassionate and caring society towards all animals to prevent animal cruelty. We educate the public about the importance of spay/neuter, rabies prevention, humane treatment of animals and encouraging a culture of adoption.

Education is the way to change perceptions. By diverting people’s way of thinking about animals, they will discover ways to protect animals from cruelty. This has been proven to be effective in many countries around the world but not all. Thus, we need enormous amount of help to be able to implement the same ideology, especially from a nonprofit organization or NGOs around the globe. So, let us join hands for a better life for all!

We will be working closely with local animal welfare groups and shelters to extend a humane philosophy of animal control, providing expertise and guidance to create programs that focus on sterilization, vaccination and rabies prevention. Implementing such programs even on a small scale can significantly reduce the stray animal population and improve the conditions for homeless animals in Iran. We also try to intervene when governments take action against street animals.



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